2019-01-22 Mason JamesSigned-off-by: Mason James <mtj@kohaaloha.com> master
2019-01-22 Mason JamesSigned-off-by: Mason James <mtj@kohaaloha.com> rbg_patron_masher.pl
2019-01-22 Mason Jamesmod symf for 998 fields
2018-10-26 Mason JamesSigned-off-by: Mason James <mtj@kohaaloha.com>
2018-10-25 Mason JamesSigned-off-by: Mason James <mtj@kohaaloha.com>
2018-10-25 Mason JamesSigned-off-by: Mason James <mtj@kohaaloha.com>
2018-10-24 Mason JamesSigned-off-by: Mason James <mtj@kohaaloha.com>
2018-10-24 Mason JamesSigned-off-by: Mason James <mtj@kohaaloha.com>
2018-10-24 Mason Jamesadd dml
2018-10-24 Mason JamesMerge branch 'master' of git.catalyst.net.nz/koha-migra...
2018-09-14 Liz Reascript to import circulation rules from a CSV origin/HEAD origin/master
2018-05-01 Alex BuckleyWR:287980 Fixing the fix leader script
2017-11-13 Chris CormackFixing the fix location script
2017-11-13 Chris CormackDamn typos
2017-11-13 Chris CormackTypo fix again
2017-11-13 Chris CormackTrying to fix the shelf locations
2017-11-08 Chris CormackLive day on the fly fixes
2017-11-05 Chris CormackFixing lost and branch info
2017-11-03 Chris CormackFixing scope
2017-11-03 Chris CormackMaking stock items not for loan 2
2017-11-03 Chris CormackMore item fixes
2017-11-03 Chris CormackFew little typo fixes
2017-10-31 Chris CormackStoring the amlib number on our created biblio
2017-10-31 Chris CormackAdding missing biblio
2017-10-31 Chris CormackFixing a typo in the script and adding DESK
2017-10-31 Chris CormackJust removing some cruft
2017-10-31 Chris CormackAdding some more branch matches
2017-10-31 Chris CormackAdding a couple of missing clauses for branches
2017-10-31 Chris CormackAdding code to process STK_PROCESS
2017-10-27 Chris CormackSerials loading
2017-10-26 Chris CormackThis seems to work now (loading suppliers)
2017-10-26 Chris CormackWorking on the serials
2017-10-24 Chris CormackWorking on serial suppliers
2017-10-24 Chris CormackTidying up memo messages
2017-10-18 Chris CormackAdding new locations
2017-10-17 Chris CormackUPdting and testing
2017-10-10 Chris CormackFixing a typo
2017-10-10 Chris CormackScript to tidy reserves
2017-10-10 Chris CormackFixing a typo
2017-10-10 Chris CormackScript to run after load_fines
2017-09-19 Chris CormackLower case passwords
2017-09-18 Chris CormackFixing some typos
2017-09-18 Chris CormackLOading serial issues
2017-09-11 Chris CormackGetting ready for serials
2017-09-11 Chris CormackContinuing migration
2017-08-22 Chris CormackFines pretty much sorted, needs testing
2017-08-15 Chris CormackAdding last seen to the borrowers
2017-08-13 Chris CormackFixing location
2017-08-10 Chris CormackTidying up the last of the borrower
2017-08-09 Chris CormackLatest working versions
2017-08-09 Chris CormackI think nearly working
2017-08-09 Chris CormackLong is the road to a working migration
2017-08-08 Chris CormackFixing blank categories
2017-08-08 Chris CormackWOrking on memo notes
2017-08-08 Chris CormackPretty much finished borrowers now
2017-08-07 Chris CormackContinuing work on the borrowers script
2017-08-03 Chris CormackUpdating for category codes
2017-08-03 Chris CormackReworking borrowers
2017-07-26 Chris CormackScript for creating authority files
2017-07-25 Chris CormackBrimbank migration files
2017-07-25 Chris CormackHelper module for tidying up brimbank data
2017-02-08 Chris CormackCirc updates
2017-02-08 Chris CormackFixing marc
2017-02-07 Chris CormackAdding the number so can match circ
2017-02-07 Chris CormackFixing some bugs in the borrowers changes
2017-02-07 Chris CormackFix borrowers for tikipunga
2017-02-07 Chris CormackModified merge for tikihigh
2017-01-29 Chris CormackFixing the itemtypes on item level:
2017-01-29 Chris CormackFinal fixes for marc file
2017-01-29 Chris CormackScript to munge borrower data for kinder library
2017-01-03 Chris CormackLatest changes for kinder bibliographic data
2017-01-03 Chris CormackParlserv migrations scripts up to date
2017-01-03 Chris CormackMaking sure caanz migrations scripts are up to date
2016-12-20 Chris CormackScript for tidying up kinder library MARC records
2016-05-31 Mason JamesMerge branch 'master' of git.catalyst.net.nz/koha-migra...
2016-04-19 Liz Reaanother thign
2016-04-15 Liz Reaadding the truncation code for load-in
2016-04-15 Liz ReaWR 250948 comments 179, 180
2016-04-12 Liz Reatypo fixes, 510 prefix, title punctuation, expired...
2016-04-10 Liz ReaAdding scripted jobs to do the whole thing. localjobs...
2016-04-10 Liz ReaMore mapping, fixing some typos
2016-04-06 Liz Reascreenplays have screenplay collection
2016-04-04 Liz Reaitype mapping changes
2016-04-04 Liz ReaItem types should match up btwn bib and items
2016-03-21 Liz Reaclear the tables
2016-03-21 Liz Rea3-22 notes
2016-03-15 Liz ReaVarying changes
2016-03-15 Liz Reapreprocess catalogue for 773 fields
2016-03-08 Liz ReaAdding script to generate items properly for AV archives
2016-03-08 Liz ReaSetting PAP and varying other tweaks
2016-03-08 Liz Rea29-2 catalogue notes
2016-03-08 Liz ReaMerge borrowers.csv and contacts.csv
2016-03-08 Liz ReaMapping changes for archives
2016-01-31 Chris CormackMore mapping changes
2016-01-28 Chris CormackFixing double up in items
2016-01-28 Chris CormackScript to tidy the itemtypes
2016-01-28 Chris CormackChanges as the borrower file format has changed
2016-01-28 Chris CormackTidying up the import scripts
2016-01-12 Chris CormackNow using the item file
2016-01-12 Chris CormackAdding cost to items