2013-08-20 Mason James modified: .travis.yml master ka1/master
2013-08-20 Mason James modified: .travis.yml
2013-08-20 Mason James new file: .travis.yml
2013-08-10 Kartik ThakoreActually creating a new Texture. WIP #2 origin/experimental
2013-08-10 Kartik ThakoreNew texture passes
2013-08-09 Kartik ThakoreAlso adding texture. WIP #2
2013-08-09 Kartik ThakoreAdding texture xs, pm and tests
2013-08-08 Kartik ThakoreAdded in SDL2::Log file. fixes #1 origin/HEAD origin/master
2013-05-02 Kartik ThakoreAdded missing files for log
2013-05-02 Kartik ThakoreAdded logging functions
2013-05-02 Kartik ThakoreAdding SDL2::Log
2013-05-02 Kartik ThakoreAdding SDL2 hints constants
2013-05-02 Kartik ThakoreAdded more constants
2013-04-22 Kartik ThakoreMore video tests and functions
2013-04-21 Kartik ThakoreUsing correct objDESTROY for SV bags of Window, Display...
2013-04-21 Kartik ThakoreDisplay mode test more indepth
2013-04-21 Kartik ThakoreAdded display mode struct
2013-04-21 Kartik ThakoreAdded renderer type constants
2013-04-20 Kartik ThakoreMoved SDL2::Window type constants
2013-04-20 Kartik ThakoreAdded SDL2::Constants
2013-03-12 Kartik Thakoreadded other errors func
2013-03-08 Kartik ThakoreAdded SDL2::Video
2013-03-08 Kartik Thakoreoops never mind. It loaded
2013-03-08 Kartik ThakoreWhy is sdl2pp test being skipped?
2013-03-05 Kartik ThakoreUsing can_ok. What is the difference between that and...
2013-03-05 Kartik Thakoreisa for rect test
2013-03-05 Kartik ThakoreAdded hint stuff
2013-03-05 kmxsupport for extra libs like SDL2_mixer &co. in extra_li...
2013-03-05 kmxupdated tests (with conditional testing only when modul...
2013-03-04 kmxdynaloader dark magic
2013-03-04 Kartik ThakoreMade readme a markdown
2013-03-04 Kartik ThakoreUsing Alien:SDL2 now
2013-03-02 Kartik ThakoreUpped the ante on the benchmark
2013-03-02 Kartik ThakoreAdded benchmarks
2013-03-01 Kartik ThakoreFixed up typo for assigning enum
2013-03-01 Kartik ThakoreCleaned up test cases
2013-03-01 Kartik ThakoreForgot present! Stuff works!
2013-03-01 Kartik ThakoreTrying both software and hardware. Both not working
2013-03-01 Kartik ThakoreAttempting to draw stuff on the window through the...
2013-03-01 Kartik ThakoreAdded renderer object
2013-03-01 Kartik ThakoreUpdate git ignore
2013-03-01 Kartik ThakoreRemove warns with comments ka1/new_sdl_win origin/new_sdl_win
2013-03-01 Kartik ThakoreDon't need multiple versions
2013-03-01 Kartik ThakoreMade windo an object
2013-03-01 Kartik ThakoreAdded SDL2pp.xs src file. Added more gitignore and...
2013-03-01 Kartik ThakoreSDL_WINDOW works
2013-03-01 Kartik ThakoreGot tests to work on strawberry perl. The generated...
2013-03-01 Kartik ThakoreFixed up some shit
2013-03-01 Kartik ThakoreOpps misssing stuff
2013-03-01 Kartik ThakoreAdded stuff
2012-10-12 Kartik ThakorePass test
2012-10-12 Kartik ThakoreIgnore build
2012-10-12 Kartik ThakoreAdding test
2012-10-12 Kartik ThakoreAdding framework
2012-10-12 Kartik ThakoreAdding gitignore
2012-10-12 Kartik ThakoreDoing compiling of just init/quit stuff
2012-10-11 Kartik ThakoreFirst init